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14 February 2022 -


Technical charting analysis: Amazon shares have rallied strongly since the peak of the pandemic, benefiting from online spending and expansion of its various businesses. Over the last year the stock has been more or less sideways, mostly trading between

14 February 2022 -

Rocketlab (RKLB:Nasdaq

Technical charting analysis: Rocket Lab launched onto the market in August 2021 with the share price closing at $11.58 on its first day of trade then a week later shot up to $21.35 following the hype of the company. Since then, its shares have sold off h

28 January 2022 -

Scales (SCL.NZX

Technical charting analysis: Scales shares have pulled back recently breaking past the $5.25 support level. With the stock appearing to be oversold at the moment, we believe there is now an attractive entry opportunity, as in the past Scales shares have

13 December 2021 -

Telstra (TLS.ASX)

Technical charting analysis: TLS shares have been trending nicely since our last report breaking past $4.00 per share, although the $4.00 mark looks to be a key trading level and initial support is building here. If TLS shares were to sell off further, we

6 December 2021 -


Oceania has had a volatile run over the last 6-months, rallying strongly then pulling back as NZ was put into lockdown and the RBNZ implemented rate hikes. We see the recent Oceania sell off as overly harsh and there appears to be solid support at $1.29.

25 November 2021 -


Technical Analysis: Xero Shares have been on an amazing run over the last 5-years. We downgraded Xero to HOLD earlier this year as the stock was trading a rich valuation and saw that it had over extended but it was too difficult to determine where a supp

9 November 2021 -


Technical Analysis: ALL has been on an amazing run recently, and has only experienced 2 sharp sell offs since we initiated coverage – the second being due to covid and it has taken just over a year to recover to its pre-covid high reaching this level in M

9 November 2021 -


Technical charting analysis: We have done well since initiating our BUY on Argosy up +28% in just under 12 months until we downgraded to a HOLD (slightly) prematurely. Since reaching all-time highs of 1.73 ARG has slipped back and we anticipated further r

9 November 2021 -


Technical Analysis: AV1 shares have been very volatile over the last few-years, as market has been excited by its product development and contract wins. However, because it is still in cash burn stage it has also tended to be sold off harshly. The price c